What do I receive for the Online Audit and Review?

You receive access to the online audits and exemplifications to use within your setting to reflect on the quality of childcare and education that you provide. This will help you to develop your staff team, make changes and improve the quality you provide for children and families. Once you have reviewed practice an independent early years expert will review your practice online and provide feedback of strengths and any areas for development.

How long do I get to complete it?

Once you have made your commitment to Quality Counts, you will have access to the system for 12 months from the date you registered.

What assessment will I receive?

You can submit your completed audits for checking by an external Early Years Expert. They will review your responses and provide you with a summary report which outlines your setting’s strengths and key areas for development. This will be completed online only and does not include an assessment visit.

Will I receive a visit or phone call?

No, although you can contact NDNA if you have any questions or wish to upgrade the service to the Certification Mark by emailing QualityCounts@ndna.org.uk

Will I receive a Quality Counts Award?

No. Only settings that complete the Certification Mark will be awarded. This is because assessment includes a full day on site assessment that evaluates the audit completed online. The Online Audit and Review provides you with a summary report showing your setting’s strengths and areas for development.

What are the benefits of the Online Audit and Review?

This option enables you to take a first look at the quality you provide as it is an extremely useful reflective tool. The reflective statements will help you to critically review practice and identify where improvements can be made. It will also help you to develop your staff team to implement these improvements. An external Early Years Expert will then review your practice and offer critical and supportive feedback on where further improvements would develop quality further. This option is for settings who want a framework to work within without being awarded a mark of quality.

Can I upgrade to Certification Mark for the full scheme?

Yes. You can upgrade to the Certification Mark; the full Quality Counts Scheme at any point during your 12 month period of registration. This option gives you access to online training, mentor support, a full onsite assessment visit and if successful the Quality Counts Award.