Assign ToSpring Worthy Down
Laura Robshaw 26 May 2022 1:29 pm

I'm Laura and I have been allocated as your mentor. Please feel free to message me via here for any support/questions you may have. I can also check your submissions. I will always aim to reply as soon as possible and at least within the 72 hour time frame.

I recommend reading all of the user guide and FAQ's first in the resource section and then printing off the exemplications for each section. This will enable you to reflect on your practice across the nursery with the staff team and identify any gaps.

The survey for managers and staff is also a great tool for you to use to support the journey and it is advised this is done at the start. Once all staff have completed this you will receive a summary showing where your staff are. The awarded settings found this really beneficial.

Once the above is in place I would then suggest starting to complete the online audits with reflective answers. Try to analyse what you do and why rather than just state lists or links to documents.

Remember you also have access to an online self reflection course.

You have 12 months to complete Quality Counts and I'm here if you need anything.

Any urgent enquiries or IT issues should be sent to NDNA direct.

Happy reflecting on practice, wishing you all the best on your Quality Counts journey!

Kind Regards,